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Five Star Health Assessment

- a quick check can make a big difference

During a Five Star Health Assessment our trained team will look at five key aspects of your pet’s health; mouth and teeth, ears, skin, lumps and bumps and body condition.

We cover these key aspects to ensure that preventable conditions such as periodontal disease and obesity-related problems can be identified early, providing us with a better chance of reducing future complications.

Oral health is a very important component of you pets overall health. Sometimes that bad breath just a sign of much more concerning issue. Bad periodontal disease may lead to severe consequence such as endocarditis and pyelonephritis. Also periodontal disease if not treated will result and irreversible loss of periodontal ligament resulting in teeth loss.

Gass allergy? Atopic dermatitis? Yeast infection? 

Dermatology complaints are one of the main reasons for a visit with the vet.  While some dogs and cats will have ongoing allergies that require constant treatment, others could benefit of simple management such as nutritional support. No matters how itchy your pet is, there is always something we can do to help.

Smelly ears, head shakes and tilt and pain and very common signs of otitis, and in most cases owners will promptly notice these signs. However, some pets can be a bit more stoic and will show no signs of discomfort until the problem is really bad. Kwoing if your pets ears are clean and healthy is a great way to prevent undesired complications.

Dogs and cats may present several types of cutaneous and subcutaneous masses. While in most cases those tumors can be benign lesions in other times they might be the initial presentation of nasty skin cancers. Like in humans, earlier detection and check of ethoses masses are key on prevention and diagnose cutaneous cancers.

It is very likely that your Dog or Cat have no concerns with their waist line or how they look like in front of the mirror. However, obesity can have a considerable negative impact on your pets life. Obese Dogs and Cats not only become in general more lethargic but also they will have a lot more pronounced signs of arthritis, respiratory issues and increased risk of diabetes. 

Terms and Conditions

-The Five Star Health Assessment is a complimentary assessment performed by one of our nurses, If your pet presents a health condition that requires veterinary attention we recommend you to blood a full consult.

-Five Start Health Assessment, cannot be used in conjunction with ant other appointment.

-During a Five Start Health Assessment, no prescription medication or vaccines can be administered without a full veterinary check, the nurses are limited to recommend over the counter products and diet.